DIY Balloon Garland Kit


Our new DIY Balloon Garland boxes are each made with a custom colour combo, to ensure that our clients have the BEST end result! Each box contains everything you need to create a garland like a BOSS!

The OMGNESS DIY Balloon Garland Kit Includes:

  • Over 60 balloons to create a 2 metre long garland in a range of balloon sizes from 12-90cm.
  • Eco-friendly balloon noodle, used to string balloons together for assembly of your garland
  • 1x balloon hand pump (to save your lungs and some blowing time!)
  • Removable adhesive 3m command hooks for fuss free installation
  • Written assembly instructions, with a QV code giving you access to a tutorial video shot by NESS herself!


  • We recommend making the garland the evening before, allowing yourself approximately 1 hour to inflate and assemble.
  • Your 2 metre balloon garland will remain inflated and insta-worthy for up to 3 weeks! For longer lasting balloons, try to store them in a cool dark room.
  • We have taken the time to test all elements of our DIY kit and recommend blowing the jumbo balloon up by mouth as opposed to the pump.
  • We have designed our custom colour combos to be used together, so definitely encourage you to mix and match colourways by purchasing another box
  • Some or our DIY kits contain double stuffed balloons, these are meant to stay together and be inflated together to create your custom colour
  • Helium can be used on our larger balloons (the minis are too small to inflate & float), please be aware that the double stuffed colours will have half the float time with helium
We Style! So you can Party! LETS

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