Balloon Decor FAQ


Our Latex Balloons are biodegradable which means they oxidize over time.

Our COLORED Latex Balloons become matte and our CLEAR LATEX BALLOONS will become cloudy within 5 – 12 hours, depending on weather conditions and if treated with HI-FLOAT.

Please make an effort to recycle your balloons once used. Our COLORED Latex Balloons become matte and our CLEAR LATEX BALLOONS will become cloudy within 5 – 12 hours, depending on weather conditions and if treated with HI-FLOAT.

Please make an effort to recycle your balloons once used.

INDOOR – Many air filled balloon designs can last weeks indoors! The longevity of the balloons will depend on the environmental conditions of the space. All of our helium balloons will float for at least 3 days if indoors, but typically much longer!

OUTDOOR – We cannot guarantee that balloons will last any specific amount of time when used outdoor. The sun, heat, wind, rain, etc., affects the lifespan of the balloons

Yes, only if they are are specialty balloons with custom printed logos or personalized messages. If they are defective or burst during or after inflation, you will still be charged the full amount for that balloon. We can not guarantee the quality nor speculate about the longevity of balloons not provided by us.

Yes! Our latex balloons are made of natural materials and are 100% biodegradable at the same rate as an oak leaf.

Foil balloons are NOT biodegradable but can be recycled.

We are very active in our community and would be happy to hear all about your cause. Just tell us all about it and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can. Request A Donation

YES OF COURSE! We offer personalised decals which can be applied on to a balloon.

You can order this product ‘ Balloon Decal’ via our Party Shop via “Balloon Add On” Section or flick us an email on

We get it - choosing colors is hard but we are here to help! We need your finalized color choices as soon as you book. If you are unsure of colors let us know and we can hold off on placing your balloon order but we will have to have your final color choice at least two weeks prior to from event date.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Eco Friendly FAQ

Our Latex Balloons are biodegradable which means they oxidize over time

"Latex balloons are made from a natural product derived from trees found on farms in equatorial regions of the world (the trees also exist naturally in rain forests and other places). The harvest of latex is a completely natural process. The trees are “tapped” for the liquid, similar to the harvesting of syrup. The trees are not trimmed or chopped in any way, so there’s no risk of deforestation. Since latex is a 100% natural product, it will breakdown into a residue that is not harmful to the environment. Latex balloons biodegrade at about the same rate as other natural products, such as oak leaves and wood fibers." - Balloon Facts


Latex balloons are 100% bio- and photo-degradable. Latex comes from rubber trees and is tapped the same way a maple tree is. Rubber trees combat greenhouse gases, slowing global warming. Latex production has a positive environmental impact on the world by helping combat climate change in preventing deforestation and creates sustainable forest resources rather than a one-time benefit of cutting down trees. 

 Latex breaks down under normal environmental conditions like other natural products. They decompose at about the same rate as an oak leaf and recent biodegradability tests have confirmed that natural rubber balloons biodegrade to approximately 90% within 2 years, under test conditions.

By remaining environmentally conscious, we help preserve the planet while being able to use balloons to make people’s decor dreams a reality.


Foil/Mylar balloons are made of man-made materials. They are not biodegradable so we recommend you try and reuse foil balloons as much as possible.



Balloon releases are another way of littering. We are working to educate on the importance of not releasing balloons into the environment and the correct use and disposal of balloons. When using helium inflated balloons, always make sure they are weighted down to prevent them from being inadvertently released…we prefer filling a tiny balloon up with water to create a biodegradable weight.

Whenever possible, we compost our balloons but we would love nothing more than for our balloons to get several uses. If you know of non-profit that would benefit from this please email us, However we do tend to donate all left over inflated balloons to the Ronald McDonald house

Service FAQ

We are based in Auckland, NZ however we do travel nationwide and can absolutely work together on events out of town

- please note any accommodation or travel costs incurred will be added to your final invoice. Flick us an email with the details of your event and requirements, and we’ll do our best to make it work!

Event set up dates and times are first booked first serve. To avoid disappointment of not having your event date or items available, we suggest you contact us once you have secured your venue.

Once your order is finalized, an invoice will be emailed to you that can be paid online via internet banking or PayPal credit card.

A 50% non refundable deposit is required to secure your reservation.

The remaining balance is due no later than a week before your event.

Short notice events (7 days or less) require full payment. 

For schools, non-profits, and corporations, we understand a check may need to be processed for payment. If a payment cannot be made before the event date, a signed contract will be required.

Not at this moment…….*watch this space*In the mean time you can browse our online shop via our website.

We are located in Massey, West Auckland.

We only offer delivery on helium balloon orders over $250.

The delivery fee is an additional fee and dependant on your location.

Standard $80+GST travel fee within Auckland

No but pack down can be added to your order which is an addtional cost for our time. Please let us know when booking if take down is preferred.

Additionally, if you rent our backdrops takedown will be required. 

Once you book with us that time slot is reserved and materials are ordered for your event. If cancellation is needed we will issue you a credit for future events only.

As soon you know of a possible date change/cancellation let us know as soon as possible so we can do our best to accommodate you

Orders placed before 12pm, Monday - Friday will be prepared for the couriers to pick up that day. If we are overwhelmed with orders (like during a sale), your order will be picked up by our courier on the next working day.

Target delivery for orders within Auckland are next day delivery, North Island is 1-2 days and the South Island is 2-3 days to arrive, and an extra 2 days if you require a rural delivery

Deliveries only take place on weekdays and not on Saturday (unless requested, please email to check if the courier delivers in your area on a Saturday) Sunday or public holidays. Please note that there is an additional charge for Saturday delivery.

If you do need your order urgently please email or state so in your order so that we can do our very best to get it to you on time.

Delivery addresses must be a street address as we can not deliver to PO Boxes.

Online FAQ

Products that have been unopened and unused may be returned within 14 days. Please email us at to organise a return. All returns need to be confirmed by our customer service team before return. Custom products, unpackaged balloons and some items are not eligible for return. Please see our T’s & C’s for more details

For customer service inquiries only, please email

Our Customer Service team is available Monday-Frid any 8am – 5pm pst. We do our best to respond to all customers within 48 hours.

Response times may be extended during holidays, promotions and immediately following launches/restocks.

Inquiries are answered in the order they are received; please do not send multiple emails as this will place you at the end of the queue.

Oh no, that makes us sad! If your item arrives in a faulty condition please contact us within 5 days of receipt for directions on how to return your item for a replacement or refund. 

We are unable to refund/replace items that are lost or damaged in transit. Balloons are not refundable as we cannot test non inflated balloons. 

Order confirmation emails may be delayed as a result of high order volume. Please contact our customer service team

if you have not received your confirmation email after 24 hours of your purchase.

If you wish to change or cancel any item after placing your order please contact us ASAP. If your order has not been shipped we will do our best to accommodate your request. We cannot accept changes to customized orders.

Please contact our Customer Service Team to request replacement for damaged products or report other issues with your order.

We will review all issues that are submitted within 14 days of delivery of the package. Requests received after this time frame are no longer eligible for review.

Customers must provide photos of any product/order issues along with their Packing slip (please ensure stamped initials are visible).

Please note that items shipped using a mail forwarding service are not eligible for replacement/exchange/refund of any kind.

All products on are in stock and available for order (unless otherwise noted).

Items can not be reserved by holding them in your cart. Product availability is extremely limited and therefore may sell out before your purchase is complete. Order transactions are completed in the order they are received.

Yes we do! Once you have chosen your products, choose 'click and collect' at cart and you can pick up your order from our Studio based in Massey, West Auckland

Pick up option is available for collection within 2 business days after you order. You will receive an email notification when your order is ready for collection. If you need more information please contact us at

We sure do! International Rates Apply!

You can go to your local party store to inflate your balloons with helium or air. For smaller balloons we sell balloon pumps to inflate with air. All our inflation tips are available


Our aim has always been to have an all inclusive kit that eliminates the need to source other materials. Our kits also include more sizes and more balloons to make more of an impact.

Our DIY Garland kit will include mixed balloon in sizes

12cm Balloons

28cm Balloons

40cm balloons

60cm/90cm Balloons.

You will also receive a, Full Instructions, Video tutorial and a Dual Action Balloon Pump

No, Absolutely no Helium is needed to inflate your balloon Garland kit. A dual Action Pump is included to help save your breath and make blowing up your kit a breeze

We also sell our NEW Electric Inflators which I totally recommend!! You can find this via Balloon Accessory section via Party Shop

Amazingly, in the right conditions your balloon garland will last weeks, if not months.

Things like sunlight & heat will deteriorate your Balloon Garland faster, so we suggest for it to be installed / or left inside in a cool space to ensure it will last the distance.

Best to aim for a few days before to ensure the balloons are looking their best.

The best way to make your balloons round is to fully inflate, then release a bit of air. Pressing the base of the balloon while doing this , will help this process and make the balloon more round.

Rub your hand over the balloon when inflated to create static inside the balloon. Give the balloon a shake to help stick to the sides.

Double Stuffed Balloons are essentially two balloons in one. We use the Double stuffed technique to create new and exciting colours for your garlands, a bit like mixing paint. Double stuffing Balloons allows us to colour match looks to your preference and will give a more professional look to any balloon garland.

Simply inflate as per your normal balloon and tie the INSIDE balloon only…. Your fingers will thank you for that!

Balloon line is the go to method for Balloon professionals as it allows stability and flexibility to the balloon garland design. Don’t worry, we promise you can do it too!



WARNING: Children under eight years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once. Made of natural rubber latex, which may cause allergies. Use a pump to blow up the balloons! 


WARNING: Choking/ Suffocation hazard. Young children must be supervised when using this product. 

Caution: Foil balloons may conduct electricity. Use with caution. 



The small particles pose a risk of suffocation or choking. 

Moisture in breath causes clear balloons to appear milky and opaque.